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Conference Reflections: Humanities Unbound

I had the opportunity to present at the Humanities Unbound works-in-progress conference today. The conference was a collaboration between the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Digital Humanities Lab and the Rhetoric Society and English Graduate Student Organization of Old Dominion University.

The conference interested me for several reasons.

  • It was a remote access conference open to attendees from anywhere via a shared Zoom meeting link.
  • It was a “works-in-progress” conference.
  • It offered a great mix of literature scholarship, composition and rhetoric scholarship, and digital rhetoric scholarship.

Overall, it was a good day. The scholarship presented was interesting and often compelling. It was nice to draw connections between my work and those whose work I don’t get to see all that often. I consider that a great benefit.

Since this was a “works-in-progress” conference, I am reluctant to say much about the panels. I will say that each gave me a lot to think about and I really valued listening in on the challenges, successes, and questions that others have had in their own scholarship. I am excited to see what they produce from these sessions.

While I won’t talk about them, I will talk about myself. After all, this is …


Puckett’s Pond

Puckett's Pond in Winter

If you haven’t tried winter hiking, snow shoeing, or cross-country skiing, I highly recommend putting on some warm clothes and getting out there. You won’t regret it. It doesn’t have to be intense. This was taken while I was on a hike through Harrington Beach state park. The trails at Harrington are not difficult, but the hike was still incredible.

There is a certain starkness to a winter landscape that is both forboding and yet, for me, comforting. It’s sort of an escape filled with crisp air, the sparkling brillance of sunshine on snow, and little tracks of rabbits, deer, and field mice that remind me that even in the cold depths of a January in Wisconsin, life still thrives.


A New Start

This site has been quiet for too long. Let’s begin with a fresh start.

I did some minor tweaking to the site and archived all old posts. A lot has changed over the past few years, and I would rather not go back to update them, accordingly. If the one or two of you who read this site actually need something from a missing post, let me know. Otherwise, this is a good chance to start anew.

Some stuff isn’t changing. Pelican still serves as the backend for the site. I tested Hugo as an alternative, and I really do like its approach. My workflow just seems to work better with Pelican, so here I am. I am slowly switching away from markdown. I am writing these new posts in reStructuredText. I found that markdown was too simple for some of my needs and that HTML often just became too much for general writing.

If I’m being honest, I prefer Asciidoc to reStructuredText. I use Asciidoctor as my primary document generation and tracking tool for research notes namely because of the ease and flexibility of the language and its built-in support in terms of default html and …


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