Posted on Sun 23 April 2017

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Playing with Photos on Exposure

What’s this? Could it be that I am using a hosted software solution?

I am.

I am because I find that with my images, in particular, I want to share them as part of community. I miss what Flickr used to be, and in a sense I want something like that. I’ve actually been looking for something similar for a long time. I like VSCO a lot, but I do most of my photographic work on the desktop. Even when I shoot with my phone, I always process everything through the desktop.

I do this because I don’t want an app to be the primary repository for my images. VSCO really wants to be my repository. I have hard drives and backups for that. I just want to use their software to share, and it feels really stupid to process my images, reload them back into my phone, and then add them in VSCO.

Ello is nice. I really need to work on using that social network more. I like their approach and they tend to draw some phenomenal artists. Ello operates more like Instagram, though, in that they rely on post by post images. I like building galleries, connected stories, and grouping images. Ello doesn’t really offer that.

Exposure does. Like Ello, its focus is not on advertising which means there is a cost to use it (I should note, they have a 50% for a year deal for people with valid .edu addresses), but I like that. I would rather be a customer than a product. Because I control my images, their primary storage, and my domain name, Exposure really becomes a slightly advanced site for hosting. If they shut down, I lose a couple of stories, and have to recreate my galleries elsewhere. In other words, Exposure fits into my social media ecosystem instead of trying to force me to fit into its idea of social media.

Honestly, I think that is why I decided to test it out.

So far, I have one photo story up and one gallery. I am pretty happy with the overall style of the site. The galleries are still in beta. I would like a bit more flexibility in color options in the galleries. Right now, I have a choice between black with white text or white with black text, and that’s it. My only real frustration is with how slow the site feels when posting with Firefox. I had to switch to Chrome to actually build both my story and my gallery. I would like to see more cross-browser compatibility for creators. For viewers, though, all browsers seem to work fine.

I am in the midst of 14-day trial. My site is or I’m posting both because my only other frustration is that the domain redirect to my exposure site from my subdomain really causes havoc with SSL certificates. Either works!

Right now, it seems like a solid solution for my needs. If you have other options, let me know preferably before my two weeks are up!

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