Posted on 2024-02-16

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A New Site for Community and Storytelling

A New Site for Community and Storytelling

One of the challenges of Text and Hubris is that it has a sort of mixed personality that can make it hard to navigate. This site is supposed to act as my personal blog, my creative space, my research space, my tech space, and my everything else space.

That’s a lot for one site to handle, and I often find myself struggling with whether or not I really want something posted here. This was especially true when it came to creative works and reflections that just didn’t feel in line with the tech and research content I post here. To resolve this issue, I created The Scrivener’s Jest. The Scrivener’s Jest will host my creative works and my reflective writing. The site is a self-host Ghost site and the creative works and reflections will also have an option to be sent out as a mailing list.

In addition to those creative works, a lot of my non-tech and research content will be moving from here to The Scrivener’s Jest. Storytelling games, creative writing, internet culture and media posts along with general life updates will all be hosted there. I have mirrored the last two gaming posts from this site to help guide people to the new content.

While the creative work will be sent via newsletter, I currently don’t plan on sending any of the more general content that way. That may change if I see a demand for that content, but for right now that is my plan.

I may create a second Mastodon account for Scrivener’s Jest content. I feel like the audience for my current mastodon account (unfortunately named ScrivenersJest) doesn’t connect well with the content I will be posting. I will also probably starting linking some Blue Sky content, as well. I promised myself I would test it, and it has just sat there. This seems like a solid attempt to see what happens with both sites.

My goal with The Scrivener’s Jest is to start reconnecting with certain online communities. I find myself really in need of that connection, but I want to create it through an act of creation and sharing. The mailing list and membership functions will allow for commenting. You will have to log in to comment, though. I will still moderate comments, but I feel like a login provides at least a little friction for potential spammers.

Finally, I am adding Plausible analytics to the site. They are an excellent privacy-centric analytics package that do not track you in any way off of this site. I am telling you this here, though, so you can block the site if you would prefer to not be counted. I want to see what I am building between these sites, and an analytics package will help me with that.

I hope you check out the new site. Feel free to join in and comment and chat. I am a lot more open on that site than I am here (I mean within reason - it is still a website tied to my name!). If you have any thoughts or ideas, my email is there on the side.

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