Posted on Thu 16 August 2018

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How to Contact and Comment

In my last post, I talked about why I block comments on most media sites. You might have noticed that I don’t have comments here, either. I know I only have a few readers (at best), and most of the comments I have received have been helpful and constructive. I don’t really need to block comments, but the truth is that I don’t find comment communication constructive or helpful. Most of the time, it becomes a chore where I monitor comments for automated spam. That’s the problem with a comment system. It encourages low-effort interactions that don’t tend to create any lasting connection. I don’t want that on my site.

If you have do have a constructive question or a comment, please feel free to email me. I like email because it remains in my email. I have a really high level of control, and email is deliberately, obviously, asynchronous. I am allowed to read, process and respond without fear of additional comments or explosions that derail entire conversations. In short, we can actually communicate. In the same way, that control means I don’t need to respond to trolls in my email. At worst, I click block and delete and no one who reads this site needs to see any of that. The troll loses it public opportunity via my platform.

To be fair, you can also reach me via social media (links are on the side). Odds are, though, that if a conversation is going to evolve it will happen over email.

Author: Geoff Gimse


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