Updated on Tue 14 May 2019



  • Geoffrey Gimse, PhD


  • Researcher, Writer, and Educator specializing in Technical Communication, Publics, and Information Technology.
  • PhD in Professional and Technical Writing from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.


  • Data Analytics (Python, SQL, Tableau) and Report Analyst and Consultant
  • Independent Research, Design, and Education Consultant

[Research Interests]

  • Sociotechnical Imaginaries
  • Social Impacts of Digital Architecture
  • Data Structures
  • Publics and Counterpublics in Digital Contexts
  • History of Technology
  • Participatory Culture in Online and Offline Spaces

[Current Research]

  • I study how we write, design, think about, and use information technology, systems, and platforms. I use that research to help people become effective and critical users of their technology empowering them seek better ways to design and live their digital lives.



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