Updated on Mon 19 April 2021



  • Geoffrey Gimse, PhD


  • Researcher and Educator specializing in Technical Communication, Publics, and Information Technology.
  • Network and Systems Engineering and Development
  • PhD in Professional and Technical Communication from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.
  • Player of Games, Builder of Worlds, Hiker of Trails, and Taker of Pictures.


  • Developing Technology and Data Solutions for the Social Good
  • Data Analytics Development, Project Management, and Documentation Development
  • Digital Platforms and Public Rhetorics

[Research Interests]

  • Social Impacts of Digital Architecture and Leveraging Tech for Social Impact
  • Data Structures
  • Publics and Counterpublics in Digital Contexts
  • Sociotechnical Imaginaries
  • History of Technology
  • Participatory Culture in Online and Offline Spaces

[Current Research]

  • Much of my current research is focused on data analytics and technical development for agencies and organizations that offer support to those experiencing homelessness and the communication strategies at play between the different public and stakeholders in those communities.


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