Posted on 2024-02-16

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Martian Viewing Drunken Crowd by Henrique Alvim Corrêa

The Mob is not your Friend

In the rage of the modern era I would suggest a simple reminder: a mob has no friends nor allies. It is not a community; it is a breaking. It is a force that can be diverted and directed even manipulated, but it does not have any moral compass nor guide. It is a thing of rage, and if given the chance it will destroy you just as easily as it does others.

A mob’s power comes from its ability to isolate its targets. Shouts and threats followed by acts of violence act to break down the target while warning others to not step in. To step in is to risk the mob turning and coming for you, and that is a terrifying thing.

Resiliency in the face of a mob attack comes from the strength of your community. The stronger and more trustworthy your community is, the more resilient it is. Therein lies the rub, you foster your community. You build it and ultimately you must accept the fact that the community you have constructed (or left to winnow away) is the community you deserve.

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