Posted on 2017-10-01

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Where You Can Find Me

I want to start with a quick update on my activities as of late.

  • Technoculture has published my review of Ed Finn’s book, What Algorithms Want: Imagination in the Age of Computing. If you can’t tell from the review, which is more a glowing summary than a critical takedown, I thought the book was well worth the read. While I often think that investigations into algorithms (and infrastructure) suffer from a sort of “I found something new” myopia that plague large aspects of digital research in many areas in the humanities, I thought Finn’s approach did an excellent job of considering algorithms and systems as participants in an ogoing conversation and not merely the output or result.
  • I will presenting at HASTAC in Orlando in November. It appears that my ruminations on digital outreach and the humanities were coherent enough to generate interest, and I am extremely gratified to know that. If you are going to be there, please hit me up! I am looking forward to talking about Digital Humanities, Digital Humanities Labs, and developing broader outreach coalitions within those research spaces. Because of Irma, there has been a bunch of reshuffling, but once I have my times set, I’ll post a quick update here.
  • I am presenting at MLA 2018 in January. I am presenting as part of a panel on digital pedagogy and talking about Open Source and the opportunities and challenges that Open Source software provides for students and instructors alike. I’ll post more on that as the dates get closer.
  • If you are on the UWM Campus, I am presenting a document management seminar/webinar, “Beyond the Save Function: Document Management, Review, and Version Tracking for Today’s Scholars” as part of the Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals Series through the Graduate School. That session will be held on October 12th in Lubar Hall, Room S250. I believe the talk will also be livestreamed for those unable to attend in person. You can find more details of the Professional Development Page of the Graduate School

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