Posted on 2020-04-02

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Checking in

Checking in

When I said that I expected 2020 to be a challenging year, I didn’t quite mean this challenging.

That isn’t to say that this pandemic was unanticipated. One major frustration of the moment is that so many knew and anticipated an outbreak like this and had their warnings summarily ignored. Instead, they were painted as doomsayers in a just-in-time economy that became ever more efficient at the cost of its resiliency. We are now paying the price for such ignorance. A price that is, as usual, more heavily paid by those who had the least say in the decisions that impacted (quite literally) their lives and deaths.

I would like to think that the we are learning a lesson, that we cannot prioritize productivity over longevity, but I have no such illusions. The systems in play are far too slow to change and the people in charge are either hopelessly myopic, incompetent, or corrupt. That doesn’t mean I am without hope. These lessons can and will shape discourses between publics for quite some time, and our culture will change as a result. I just don’t believe that the we will be seeing many true on-the-road-to-Damascus-style conversions amongst those who have led us down this path. They have far too much lose.

On the personal front, Courtney and I are isolated and at home with a chubby Maine Coon named Petrarch. This is not the worst situation by any stretch. If I must be quarantined, I want it to be with Courtney and our old, semi-cantankerous cat. We are incredibly lucky in that we can both work from home and remain, for the most part, insulated from the impact of the virus. We are also keenly aware of the precarity of that insulation, and how quickly things can change. For now, we hang on, do the best we can in the situation in front of us, and move toward what we hope will be better days.

I know I haven’t been the most active on this site or on any social media outlets save Discord, and that has been by choice. I was thinking about re-instituting comments on this site, but then thought better of it. If you want to reach me, my email is in the social media listing. I haven’t decided about what I am doing with Twitter and Instagram, as of yet, but I will leave them up for now. You can still reach me on those sites, as well, even if I am not all that active.

Most of all, please stay safe and healthy. I mean this mentally and physically. We’re all so focused on the physical implications of this virus that we can forget the broader impacts to our mental health that come with major social upheavals. This is a hard time, and it is so easy to get lost in the stress and the fear. Sometimes, you need to take space and time is in order to cope with those feeling. Take it. Take the time you need. Reach out to those who love you and know that there will always be brighter days ahead.

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