Posted on 2023-11-18

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The End of a Long Week

I don’t know about you, but this has been one long week.

I wrote this really cool and interesting diatribe about communication and its challenges. Then I reread it and realized it kind of sucked. You’re not getting that (You’re welcome!).

Instead, let’s talk about the work ahead.

Starting a New TTRPG Game

I started work on a Monster of the Week game with my core set of players. I needed a more episodic-style game to manage when players in our long-term 5th Edition game can’t show up. Monster of the Week is really well geared for this sort of in-and-out play. That means we can regularly game even when some players aren’t around. This will be key for maintaining any sort of gaming schedule over the holidays.

I have spent much of Nanowrimo focusing on writing game world content. Ryn continues to evolve, but I am rapidly hitting the wall with 5th ed. It doesn’t help that I have been looking at systems that would be a ton of fun to play in. I am hoping MotW scratches that itch. I have no idea who reads this (if anyone), and I tend to think I am shouting into the void, but feel free to reach out if you are interested in joining that game. Unlike Ryn, an episodic-style game is a really nice way to test out a system and a group to see if you are a good fit.

Moving Photojournal

After doing nothing for a long time, I am picking up my camera and getting back out there. I’m also moving to Flickr (for albums) and (eventually) PixelFed for random image posting. I am moving my content off of my Exposure-backed site and should be up on Flickr by the end of the month. I want to reiterate that there is nothing wrong with Exposure. They have been awesome (even more awesome -> they kept my legacy price, throughout.), but I am not using the site enough, and my use-case and needs are shifting. I think Flickr is the better option for now, and we will see what comes up as time goes on.

I miss photography. I don’t think I was some wonder, but I enjoyed the work of getting out there and taking the image. It also was a key part of my health and fitness journey. If I am being honest, that could use some work, too!

Expect to see new links to the Flickr and PixelFed, soon. We’ll see what comes after that!

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