Posted on 2022-04-02

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Thank goodness for proper safety practices, vaccinces, and masking.

I just got my results back from my COVID test after the conference. Happily, they were negative. After some fun ( ) at the ear, nose, and throat doctor last year, nasal swabs are a bit of problem for me so I opted for the spit PCR test. I didn’t realize how much time it would take to generate enough fluid for a valid sample especially without being able to eat or drink before the test. It was a trick, I tell you! It is done, though, and all is well.

Any large gathering, these days, carries an inherent risk. I have been exceedingly particular about what I attend just for that reason. I only attended this conference because cases had been steadily low and there were valid health protocols in place to keep us safe. In this case, the conference required masking and vaccination, and everyone did a really good job of being as safe as they could.

I don’t think I am ready to start rushing out to attend every event, and I tend to stick to my pre-existing bubble of people whenever possible. After all, the best risk is no risk. That said, I am glad to see that proper practices can help reduce that risk when it is present.

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