Posted on 2024-05-10

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It’s Okay to Move On

It is unfortunate that we live in an era where so much of our identity is tied up in the media we consume and the personalities that dominate that media. I remember attending a Firefly discussion at a local convention a few years after the show was cancelled, and being amazed by the universal agreement that the show was killed before its time and would have been amazing if it was allowed to continue. To this day, I think the best thing that happened to Firefly was that it was cancelled before it ended up as a disappointment.

It was then that I realized that I was never really a fan in the way others were. I don’t really care about a series, a show, a book, or a person. I just like the science fiction and fantasy genres. These were the genres I grew up with. They are a part of me and, yes, they are a part of my identity. That said, as a fan of the genre, I know that not everything in the genre is for me. I also know that I can move on from something I was enjoying when it no longer interests me. Media properties change, target different audiences, what remains magical is the opportunity within the genre.

I watched the first two episodes of the new season of Doctor Who. I thought Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson were amazing, but it is obvious that Davies is aiming for a different audience. It does not appear that I am in that audience. He made it clear that he wants the show to return to a more kid friendly/family oriented style. That is great. We need more shows like that. I am not a kid, though, and I am not interested that programming. I could rant and rave, but why? There are multiple decades of the show to rewatch and enjoy. That is more than enough for me. A lot of people loved the new show, and I am so glad for that. I want it to succeed. I want to see more opportunities for science fiction and fantasy content. It is quite okay if something isn’t written for me.

That said, it is also okay to not watch something. It is okay to walk away and find content that does appeal to you. Find something new. These are huge and complex genres. Every time I walk away from one property, I find a dozen more to occupy my time.

Happy hunting!

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