Posted on 2024-05-06

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A New Age

Despite all evidence to the contrary, a large segment of the population still views wealth and power as a sign of wisdom and insight. This mistake, born from a form of magical thinking that sees wealth and privilege as divine signs of authority instead of a mix of blind luck and deliberate exploitation, has consequences. We see the impacts on our world and in our lives every day, and yet the crowds still come to beg a boon from the fattened fools who see themselves only reflected in the adoration. They devour the excess while the rest of us reap the costs. They are an aristocracy of nitwits, the Elmer Gantrys of the digital age. The cults of personality that surround those with wealth and power are just that, cults. Like all cults, Bible Belt to Silicon Valley to Wall Street, they rely on a continued generation of magical thinking to survive. Mythmaking as praxis built on parables distributed in video memes and AI gibberish.

Welcome to the new age, which, unsurprisingly, looks a lot like the previous age. New faces with all the same vices.

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