Posted on 2022-11-04

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There but by the grace of god..

I built my early career managing systems and networks for telcos in the dotcom era. Mismanaged layoffs were a regular feature of the work. It paid well, but so many burned out along the way and no pay was worth that.

I went a different direction. I got to teach and found new ways to work with tech and people. In that sense, I was lucky. There are times, though, when I still think of that younger me desperately struggling on the razor’s edge of burnout.

The events of today brought a lot of that back. While the scope of today’s grotesque chaos may have been an aberration, the systems and structures that allow such practices to exist remain prevalent and powerful. I look forward to the day when we tear them all down.

Author: Geoffrey Gimse

Tags: #burnout_culture  #tech_work  #tech_industry 

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