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Headed to HASTAC 2017

At this time tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, I will be safely ensconced in a hotel in Orlando. I am attending and presenting at HASTAC 2017.

This is a different type of presentation for me. It is a soapbox talk which means I am restricted to 5-8 minutes of speaking time. Honestly, that works well for this talk; although, I need to rehearse more before Saturday. My talk is on the gaps in the digital humanities and the role that Digital Humanities labs can play in addressing those gaps. In a very real sense, it is me on a soapbox. I don’t really feel I am sharing anything ground-breaking. This isn’t cutting edge research. This is me saying, “We need to look beyond ourselves and our research and evaluate how we are actively reaching out to others.” In this instance, I am talking specifically about other scholars, but I believe that we need to do the same in terms of the broader public as well.

So mostly, my talk on accessibility and outreach within digital humanities labs, and the roles labs can play as spaces for human-to-human interaction on digital humanities topics. We do a great …


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