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So that didn’t happen..

The road to ruin, as they say is littered with poor planning and good intentions.1

The Drucker book I ordered never came which was a frustration in an of itself. Worse, by the time I realized the book wasn’t coming, I was knee-deep in finalizing a different project for a client. So it was that my poor little site sat here advertising a story that never came.

I am so rusty in terms of direct engagement. I have become accustomed to writing and just accepting that projects slip without actively working to manage those expectations because everyone I am working with also understands that these delays occur. Projects do, indeed, slip. It may not possible to plan for that slippage (if you could then there wouldn’t be slippage), but those delays should be anticipated. That is why it is important to not preview a project until there is enough content to at least keep momentum when those delays occur.2 I think this is one of the major reasons Patreon and Kickstarter initiatives succeed or fail. Successful projects anticipate delays and slippages and have contingency plans and communication strategies in place to keep the backers and the …


Peter Drucker and the Changing Nature of the Modern Corporation

In brief discussion with an executive who was talking about enabling more decentralized interactions between teams, Peter Drucker’s name came up. I’ve been meaning to do some work on Drucker for quite some time. While studies of his work are more likely to be found in MBA programs, I think the volume of the work and its time span, moving from World War II through the dawn of the Internet, could be useful reading for anyone approaching an analysis of the rise and struggle of modern business and the societies who must contend with it for better or worse. Drucker is interesting because he was, in many ways, a true believer in corporations while simultaneously offering a very deep critique of the approach and dynamics that had come to dominate their organizational and functional models. I thought that I heard his name today was particularly telling as it came on the day when the CEOs of many large companies announced a drastic revisioning of their approach to their companies, their employees, and their shareholders. In their announcement, these CEOs noted that profits cannot be the only guiding driver of the modern corporation. Corporations must also focus on building …


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